Travel to Petersburg (Russia)


To call into St. Petersburg from outside the city, use the St. Petersburg City Code 812
To call into St. Petersburg from outside the country (Russia), use Russia country codew 7 and  St. Petersburg City Code 812

phone.jpg (13305 bytes)Local phone calls  in In St. Petersburg are relatively cheap (~$0,1 per minute)
but  international calls are much more expensive ($1-6 per minute)

You can make local and international calls from a wide range of Automatic Payphones
by using a special PayPhone Cards or from special international phone offices
(it is cheaper than using PayPhone automats).

You can buy a card for 25, 50, 100, 300 and 1000 units in metro stations and meany shops.
(approx. prices are $4, $6, $11 for 25, 50 and 100 unit cards)

International calls are possible only from cards greater than 100 units

There are three cellular phone companies in St. Petersburg, each of them works in  it's own standard:

GSM: North-West GSM

NMT-450: Delta-Telecom

AMPS: Fora Communications (only in Russian)

All those companies support roaming

There are several internet service centers provided by different companies:

NevaLink Internet Service center

... under construction