Travel to Petersburg (Russia)

St. Petersburg Metro (Underground, Subway)

Metro is the most popular and userfull kind of transport in Petersburg.
There are 4 metro lines covering all the city (see metro map).

You pay  28.0 roubles (~$0.8) once when you enter Metro at any station
and can move to anywhere within  Metro lines until you leave Metro
Card prices:
10 passes within 7 days - 265 roubles
20 passes within 15 days - 485 roubles
40 passes within 30 days - 945 roubles
an other...

To pay for Metro you have to buy special Metro Coin or Metro Smart Card (looks like a Credit card)
which you have to put into automatic control pass. Metro Coin gives you rigth to pass automatic control only once.
Metro Card can be programmed for 3 to 15 passes through automatic control

Metro Coin (gif 3651 bytes)        Metro Card (gif 7422 bytes)